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Bathrobes for women

We offer a wide selection of bathrobes for women. You will feel comfortable both at your home and in professional SPA hotels. Our bathrobes are made of high quality fabrics (velur and single ply terry, viscose, cotton and wellsoft.)

The offer is tailored for those women who feel beautiful in an airy peignoir as well as for those who prefer a warm bathrobe. The offer is therefore perfect both for women who love elegance and the comfort of their own home. Our clothes are in a variety of sizes (from S to XXL), styles and colours. All available bathrobes for women are beautiful and exceptionally feminine.

We know that comfort is crucial, so our products are skin-friendly and pleasant to touch. Your body will be embraced gently, and the warmth of a relaxing bath or a nice SPA treatment will stay with you. You will see yourself just how comfortable and practical a bathrobe for women can be. It is a piece of clothing comfortable for every woman.

Having your needs in mind, we continuously extend our offer with new and stylish products. Feel free to check the current offer.